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Purple Kush is a classic pure indica cannabis strain reminiscent of the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan. Due to its powerful and relaxing effects on the body, combined with its earthy aroma and bright purple color, Purple Kush has become increasingly popular over the years.

It’s a cross between the Hindu Kush and the Afghani Purple strains and is described as a descendant of the original Kush landrace strain. It is a “pure indica,” as it is 100% indica with no sativa influence.

It’s thought that Purple Kush was created in the 1960s or 1970s. Initially, it was bred in Oakland, California. However, Purple Kush has genetic connections to the Hindu Kush mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The popularity of the Purple Kush strain earned it a place in High Times magazine’s Top 10 marijuana strains in 2016.

Purple Kush cannabis has a subtle, earthy, and spicy aroma. It has strong yet sweet flavors, which may remind you of berries and grapes.

It produces average-sized flowers containing tightly packed buds. In addition, Purple Kush has sticky resin, a common characteristic of other Afghan cannabis strains.

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