Joly Rancher 3.5g Hybrid

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Also known as Route 66, Jolly Rancher is a Sativa dominant Hybrid that will have you alert and ready to go. It’s sweet flavor and high THC level make it s great go to strain for anytime of the day.

Jolly Rancher’s flowers catch the eye with their size and cohesion. The medium to large buds hold together in a tapered, spade-like shape. The densely-packed leaves curl tightly inward toward their central stems. The leaves themselves are a drab shade of olive green, although may phenotypes are also streaked with hues of red and purple — such vibrant colors come about when pigments called anthocyanins in the plant’s genetics are activated by cold weather during the growing process. Finally, capping off these colorful flowers is a tangle of hairy orange and red pistils, as well as a dusting of cloudy white trichomes.

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