Wasabi 3.5g Hybrid EXOTICS +++


Wasabi is a super relaxing strain with 60% Indica inheritance. Its THC level is also astounding, leading up to very potent psychoactive effects. Initially, you’ll go through a euphoric drift that improves your mood and energizes your mind. Negative thoughts and depressive predilections vanish immediately, as you calm down and become joyful. Later on, the full-body experience relaxes your muscles and eases your chronic pains, treating most of your symptoms and medical conditions. Highlights:
High THC concentration: 30-34% Thc
Indica-dominant hybrid
Great for chronic pains, stress, and anxiety
Earthy-spicy flavours
Appearance and aroma
Wasabi is green, with small and pebble-sized nugs with a round shape. They are forest-green, with deep-blue and purple undertones running down the leaves and stalk. A series of orange hairs combine with the thick coating of frosty trichome crystals that have blue tints in some places. The result is an impressive and colourful visual impact that encourages you to try it! With the first toke comes a flavour that’s unmatched in the world. Its aroma is highly intoxicating, with earthy pine and spicy flowers attacking your nostrils right away. A sweet flavour of flowers and pine reaches your mouth, combining itself with the herbal overtones of a mellow sweetness. The result is extremely satisfying and pleasing to the taste. Wasabi is a fan favourite here in Greenz, and it’s mostly because this Indica offers an unforgettable flavour. You can’t ignore this strain when it genuinely offers a versatile and complex flavour, filled with sweet and fresh pine aromas.

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