Emergen C. (Licenced work)


3.5 grams

The Emergen-C strain is one of the latest strains to enter the cannabis world from Seed Junky Genetics and Cookies‘ partner brand, the Minntz. Not to be confused with the vitamin C supplement people take during flu season, this strain comes brimming with citrusy aromas and potentially positive vibes. Seed Junky is responsible for producing an array of exotic cannabis strains, so this collab with Berner is nothing new. They’ve introduced the cannabis world to Kush Mints, Animal Mints, and Gelato. Seed Junky cannabis strains should all be considered top-shelf.

The Emergen-C strain nugs are light-green in color with patchwork sections of purple and orange. Each nug appears to be dipped in a frosty layer of trichomes. I would have thought the nugs were frozen grapes instead of cannabis if I didn’t know better. Pieces of the cannabis easily stick to your fingers, which makes using your lighter difficult. The first hit from the bong can definitely pack a punch. Be ready to need a minute depending on your experience.

Even when Berner is collaborating with other growers, the genetics still come out top-notch. Seed Junky Genetics is responsible for the genetics, while Sonoma’s Floracal Farms cultivated it for the Minntz. There is an almost chemical taste to the strain, but don’t let that turn you away. Backed with a strong citrus taste, the combination will get your mouth salivating.

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