Brooklyn’s Best Kept Secrets: The Top 5 Places to Smoke Weed


While the state of New York has legalized the use of medical marijuana since 2014, Brooklyn has been slow to actually allow it to be used or sold in its borough. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find places to smoke weed in Brooklyn, because there are lots of great spots throughout this borough that offer you the chance to get high while hanging out with friends, eating and drinking at some of the best restaurants and bars in Brooklyn and listening to music at some killer clubs and venues. So here are my picks for the top 5 places to smoke weed in Brooklyn.

#1 - Union Pool

Union Pool is one of the best spots in Brooklyn for weed. You can find all your favorite strains in addition to some new ones that you’ve never tried before. They offer delivery, have a private smoking room, and the staff are very knowledgeable and always willing to answer any questions.
Union Pool has the nicest selection of vapes and concentrates in town with something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for CBD or THC, they have it all. Try their newest vape cartridge called Herbalizer which is a mix of four different herbs.

#2 - Birdy Bar

While Brooklyn is quickly becoming the new New York, it is still filled with a ton of hidden gems. One of these gems is the Birdy Bar, located on 11th Street and 1st Avenue. With a strong selection of drinks and delicious food, this place will have you feeling like you’re in your own little world. Plus, they deliver! What more could you want?

#3 - Brooklyn Bazaar

While you might think of Brooklyn Bazaar as a place to purchase gifts, they actually offer some of the best weed delivery in all of New York. They have a wide selection of products, and they deliver within minutes, making it the perfect place for those who want their weed and want it now.

#4 - Juniper Park

The weed is great.  I’m not much of a smoker, but when I do smoke, it’s usually here. The location is really good too. They got plenty of parking and the park is right there so you can go take a walk in nature while you’re high as fuck and have your own little adventure or something. Plus, if you need any other shit like delivery or some shit, they got that for ya too!

#5 - Kings County Brewers Collective

Kings County Brewers Collective is a place where you can smoke weed and drink beer. It has an outdoor space with a patio that is perfect for smoking in the summer, but be warned, there are no drinks allowed outside. This place has plenty of beers on tap and you can order food from their kitchen if you’re feeling hungry. They also have board games available for playing if that’s your thing, or bring your laptop and get some work done in one of their booths!

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