Bixcotti. (Doja)


3.5 grams 33% THC

  1. 1. Scent: Gassy (subtle) with purple and hints of creamy spearmint, maybe a chocolate note too.
    2. Appearance: Lots of purple and tons of hairs n trichomes. Very standard at the moment from a lot of brands, however these guys are really dark purple color.
    3. Nug Structure: B/C sided nugs, they break down by hand with ease. Not gunna use the grinder on this as it can make the material drop through the bubble too fast. Def gotta keep these bowls going for the ticket!
    4. Smoke: Tingles slightly on the nose after a big exhale. Fills the lungs nice though. The lady was certainly coughing off her new bong. I took a magnifying hit the other day and that was ?
    5. Taste: Chocolate like at first and rolls to a more noticeable purple taste. Little bit of minty vibes as well on the later rips. Maybe a blueberry on later bowls, the texture dances off the tongue. Man I am enjoying it.
    6. Reaction: Yee brain swirl and body relaxing. Perfectly stoned an hour later sitting in silence on my couch. Fantastic at over 90+ mins off one bowl. Solar rips are highly recommended with this to get the full flavor.
    7. Conclusion: This is right up there with RS 11 one of the best cuts I’ve had in 2021 easy maybe so far on this account to be honest. They both just are great, amazing flavors highly recommend grab it if you can find it that’s the problem.

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